The Laptop of the Future

Computerworld has an interesting article up masticating on the notion of what the laptop may look like 7 years down the road.  The article, entitled “Hello, gorgeous! Meet the laptop you’ll use in 2015” has some rather interesting feature ideas, such as the keyboard superimposed over the screen.  Very interesting, very compelling, but I think that touch screens have always lacked one crucial item:  tacticle response. 

I might be able to get used to typing on a keyboard like that, but having used an Iphone now for a couple weeks, I can tell you that having no idea if a key really depressed makes for some rather interesting emails, phone calls, etc.  Also I will say that I have had trouble when I did not fully hit the “end call” button.  Memo to self, never back talk the wife unless you are certain you have actually turned your phone off…


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