UPENN – Wait and See on Vista SP1

UPENN – Wait and See on Vista SP1

Yech, the University of Pennsylvania is recommending students and faculty stay away from Vista SP1, which is something I guess we should all consider.  The problem is, there are some heinous deficientcies in Vista which many of us are hoping SP1 will solve, including:

  • Utterly slow file moves – simply moving a file or folder on you computer can take 20 or 30 minutes.
  • A dog slow file compression system which is also prone to error.  This weekend I downloaded WordPress 2.5 and tried to uncompress.  After 45 minutes, it errored, and I did the same process using 7Zip – which took all of 3 minutes.

So, is this a case of where we should be worried the antidote is worse than the poison?

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