The budding videographer

The budding videographer

I was cleaning out my digital camera today and found there was a whole collection of videos on it.  Thing is, I’ve never shot any digital footage with the camera.  So I watch, and as it turns out, I guess we’ve got a budding videographer in our midst.

Actually, this is more of a test of video handling in WP 2.5 and frankly, it’s not without issues:

  • File size limits appear to be in affect and I don’t know where to change them.  Anything over 1mb, which is pretty much any video, is too large and will error.
  • A link?  The standard is a Youtube-like embed.  Anything short of that is unacceptable to any user.
  • I couldn’t upload any of the decent videos, like the “Documentary of My Parents Bedroom” which features an introduction to “computie” her computer.  Just a 3 second video…

The verdict, nice bid, but more is needed to meet the basic functional spec for video.  But then why would we ever want to store video on our sites, where we pay for storage space when Youtube gives it to us free?

(update: yeah, you can embed.  Just upload then link to the file via the embed media button in the second row of the advanced editor.  The media library should do this for us, or at least offer the option though…)

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