Tribune Company – Leave the Gun, Take the Cannolis

Tribune Company – Leave the Gun, Take the Cannolis

Big moves today over at Tribune Publishing – the owners of the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. The moves apparently started last month when Publisher Scott C. Smith retired, and was replaced on an interim basis by Bob Gremillion, publishing group executive vice president.

Ann Marie Lipinski, the newspaper’s senior vice president and editor is leaving and will be replaced by Gerould W. Kern who’s been their VP Editorial for the last 5 years.

Later in the day, it was announce that LA Times Publisher David Hiller has resigned after 21 months. He’d had a tumultuous reign, and even though he cited differences with Sam Zell the owner, we’d do well to remember he had been brought in as a guy who could get along with Tribune corporate.

This all comes after the Tribune announced steep cuts last week, including 80 newsroom slots. The Times had announced it was cutting 250 positions and 150 in the newsroom.


Tribune Newsroom Layoffs

Times Layoffs

Smith Retirement

Hiller Resignation

Lipinski Resignation

As Steve Yelvington alluded via Twitter – they’re apparently settling all the family business – Godfather-style.

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