Monitor shifts from print to Web-based strategy

Monitor shifts from print to Web-based strategy

Monitor shifts from print to Web-based strategy.

Wow – read the post before this first.  Then read this.  Here’s where we’re going, folks.  This is earth shattering.

The Christian Science Monitor plans major changes in April 2009 that are expected to make it the first newspaper with a national audience to shift from a daily print format to an online publication that is updated continuously each day.

The changes at the Monitor will include enhancing the content on, starting weekly print and daily e-mail editions, and discontinuing the current daily print format.

No more daily print for the Monitor – now that is certainly a transitive moment.

Update: 10/29 Alan Mutter at Relections of a Newsosaur had this:

The Monitor also is under pressure to trim by two-thirds the $12 million annual subsidy it now receives from its patron, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston. 

So, abandoning print is a good call for the Monitor, which intends to put the bulk of its resources in the future into an upgraded website and a slick, weekly magazine.

But a paperless strategy likely would not succeed at most general-circulation newspapers, which have no charitable endowments and draw the better part of 90% of their revenues from advertising in the print product. 

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