Tips for Roadtrips with the Kids –

My latest post is up over at Dad-o-matic and this one draws on the experience of my trip to Pennsylvania last week with my kids.  It’s got lots of suggestions I’m betting any parent can put to use to turn the dreaded roadtrip into a cherished memory.  Things like:


  • Games – keep their heads out of books and off the game boy to avoid motion sickness.
    Try things like “Love Bug” where the kid gets points for every Volkswagen Bug they spot, or if faster action is needed, “Beep Jeep” which is on a similar idea, but uses the far more numerous Jeep as the action item.
  • Keep a journal of roadside wildlife – There’s plenty to see, even if some of it is slightly flatter than God originally made it.
  • Download a book – Grab a classic book or two from for your iPod and play it over the radio. Discuss it as you go, stopping every chapter or two. You might want to try something like The Swiss Family Robinson which will give everyone in the family someone to identify with.


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