In a Strange Quirk of Fate…

In a Strange Quirk of Fate…

It is looking like John McCain will lose, and depending on the poll, not by much.  If he does lose by a slim margin, then we will be able to attribute his loss to the bill that bears his name, the McCain/Feingold Act, which is the common  name for the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002.

You see, at the root is this: John McCain elected to take public funds in the spriit of the bill he co-sponsored.  In doing so, he ended up limited in his campaign financing, while Barack Obama was able to take every legal dollar he could find and outspend at a fair rate.  Hence Obama was buying infomercials, while McCain couldn’t even throw a bake sale.

It’ll all be over soon, thank God.

A little randomness:

  • My political view is simple: anyone who wishes to seek the job of President of the USA is, by his willingness to seek that position, patently unfit for it.
  • There was a huge crowd at the Manchaug Fire Station voting this morning.  All 6 boothes were filled and there were three people waiting in line.
  • We should have gone with the blue thumb as indicator that one had voted like the Iraqis.
  • Several of the people I know who have over the years been the most vocal about politics are in fact voting for the first time today.  If they can find their way to the polls.
  • I refuse to vote for anyone who is running unopposed.
  • I suspect a “none of the above” selection would be the hands down winner in all races.

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