Latest Post on – “Cooking Up a Memory”

Latest Post on – “Cooking Up a Memory”

I posted on about my weekends cooking endeavors with my daughters, calling the story “Cooking Up a Memory“.  Basically, the story is about cooking chicken noodle soup with my daughters.  But indeed, as with so many things, its really about so much more…


…Instead, I got the girls together and asked them where chicken noodle soup comes from, and out came the invevitable answers:

“The store…no wait, Campbells.” offered the older one.

The younger one laughs, “A can.” 

Okay, I don’t frown on sarcasm. They’re my kids after all and it’s probably a genetic thing.  In fact I often encourage it.  So I asked, them “No, what do you think goes into chicken noodle soup?”

That started the search.  Why of course, there’s chicken in chicken noodle soup.  We had some rather gnarly looking left over rotisserie chicken from three days before that had started to dry out and was destined for the garbage can.


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