Lenovo Opens Discover Social Media

Lenovo Opens Discover Social Media

Just when I thought there was a Social Media Review site for everything, Lenovo’s turned the hose back on Social Media itself and launched Discover Social Media – a site with social media reviews of social media sites.

The site has been built under the umbrella of the LenovoSocial.com which offers a range of social offerings, some Lenovo specific such as the Lenovo Blogs and Lenovo Forums, and others such as the lenovoVideoLibrary and lenovoPhotoLibrary which are more general in nature.

Running right now as a lead story on the Discover Social Media page is a story entitled “Building your global business with social networking” which serves as and excellent primer on the subject.

The one issue I have with the site so far (and I have not gotten that far into it yet, but will) is that the articles don’t have bylines on them, and I do wonder where the content is coming from. The stuff I’ve read so far is great!

Esteban Glas of Lenovo (and a frequent link here…) posts on his blog “Social, baby, Social!“:

Our aim is to build a community site where newcommers to Social Media can get up to speed with all the trends, sites and services around Social Media. Reviews and best practictices are written and revised by peers. For the time being the site works very blog-like, but that will transition to something more complex and social Networky.

Here’s an excerpt from our welcome message:

When you hear about “social networking,” just know that computing is getting more personal, more about you, your success, your family, your interests and the ability to connect with people and information that can help you. Social networking is people talking… about everything under the sun and much more.

As usual the best part of this projects is the people I get to know.

Mitch Ratcliffe is in charge of much of the reviews you’ll see on the site. He’s done a terrific job, and, I must admit, I feared for his sanity, since he had to actually use all those services. And using them means Signing up and spending time on them. In case you don’t know Mitch I strongly encourage you to subscribe to his ZD|Net blog.

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  1. Mark — thanks for the very kind review of the site! We still have a lot to do, but the idea is ultimately to have everyone involved in reviews rather than publishing only our own. I’ll be writing many of the reviews — and we are entering more services all the time that people can review before I get to them — but am looking for people with specific interests who are better able to address them.

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