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3 Replies to “My WordPress Plugins”

  1. Hi Mark – Thanks so much for the link. I really appreciate it. I use the same plugins that you do except for MobilePress, Subscribe2, Vipers and Twitter Tools. I do need to look into a mobile solution – I know I’ve had a least one visitor from an iPhone. I used to use Twitter Tools to display my last tweet and feed my posts into Twitter. The feed part just suddenly stopped working so I now use an API solution for the Tweets that I read about on Yoast.

    Is the Top Commenters plugin that I use one that creates the huge tables? I don’t think I have others that would be a big problem. Well, actually, I am keeping a wary eye on Related Posts. I don’t any of the database admin type of plugins or one’s that haven’t been updated.

  2. Great review. I find I use pretty much the same stuff you do. I do have a couple more such as:

    SimplePie: WP’s RSS handling is great, but it is limited. SimplePie alows you to do all sorts of crazy stuff with RSS. That was what was behind Lenovo’s “Voices” and handles some stuf on If you ever need to use it for anything ping me, I’ve got good at it 😉

    DaikosYouTube: embedded player, playlists, searchs by tags or authors… good for sidebars or custom homepages, not so good at integrating with posts.

    Flickr Photo Album: allows much deeper blog-flickr integration than anything else out there.

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