Snowmaggedon Strikes!

Snowmaggedon Strikes!

Okay, the next one that wishes me a “White Christmas” gets a candy cane where the Star of Bethlehem don’t shine…

We’ve gotten to the point that we’re pushing the panic button for everything these days.  So it snowed for a couple days.   Still it’s only a little over a half a cubit of snow, and it’s the fluffy stuff at that.  Not nearly the “Snowmageddon” that was predicted.

A few random thoughts from the snow storm:

  • Another plow truck transmission has fallen prey to the machine killer that is my driveway.
  • Not all plow drivers are created the same – I watch one guy attempt to plow my driveway with what looked like one of the nicest new plow truck I’ve seen in a while.  He came perilously close to getting it stuck in the driveway and decided the job wasn’t for him.
  • It’s good to have friends.  My buddy Norman Berube of Norman Construction in Douglas, MA got me squared away.  Josh Berube, his brother is now my plow guy.
  • Note to Walmart and Brahma Boots: “waterproof” when referring to boots normally means that water will not penetrate the boot no matter how long you stand in water or snow.  Your boots failed the test miserably.
  • The good news is that leaky boots are easily solved with a heavy coating of Bear Grease.  Funny to find a variant that actually uses bear fat – since the tanneries are all about removing fat from leather in their process.
  • I regret not upgrading to the  “thinsulate” option in the boots.
  • Snow tires on a 2wd pickup are good.  Snow tires that are worn down to the point that they look like racing slicks, not so good…
  • Cold weather and dubious batteries are a match made in heaven.  No wait, that match comes from the other place…
  • The first snow brings out the snowtards.

It’s looking like it’s gonna be a long hard winter.  Get used to it folks.

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