TTAC Ten Worst Autos of 2008

TTAC Ten Worst Autos of 2008

You’d think it wouldn’t be hard this year to come up with a list of the ten worst autos, but indeed, with so many trying so hard, the folks at have had a real struggle. Yet they once again came through with a list that’s becoming a Christmas tradition for me…


TTAC’s Ten Worst Autos 2008:

The votes are cast. The polls are closed. And there’s no question which vehicles our Best and Brightest consider the TTAC’s Ten Worst Vehicles 2008. The good news: there are only two new “winners” this year. The bad news: there are only two new “winners” this year. In fact, eight of last year’s Ten Worst are still in production. Even more depressing: half of this year’s winners  have “won” TTAC’s Ten Worst three years running. How long can these turkeys hang on? Pass the cranberry sauce and read on.

Enjoy the list in all it’s snarky goodness…

(Disclosure: TTAC is one the NameMedia Inc. premium sites, and I work with them.  That does not make the list any less funny…)

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