WordPress 2.7 Released

WordPress 2.7 Released

It’s out and you can get it here.

Words to the wise:

  • There are some issues with Image Handling which have not been resolved.  These issues appear to be related to server setup, and not the actual code, but sites where images handling worked on 2.6.5 may find that it is broken in 2.7 – like this site. (Update:  yes, image thumbnailing is working for me now – it appears it’s finicky on large size images and doens’t like some formats.  Not a bug.)
  • In order to take advantage of the new comments threading feature you’re going to need to make changes to you theme.  You can either grab the comments.php bit out of a 2.7 compliant theme or follow the steps outlined here
  • Many plugins have been found to cause problems.  I suggest turning off everything you can and then turning your plugins on one by one to see if they break things, or if they cause general slowness. There is a good list here.
  • If you’ve customized your admin console be sure you test prior to upgrade. There have been substantial changes and the way they implement hooks in Admin has changed. 

Otherwise, the system appears to be pretty solid, and once again has made moves towards becoming more of a Content Management System (CMS) than Blogging Software.

4 thoughts on “WordPress 2.7 Released

    1. I think so. I will be tearing it apart to see what’s inside tomorrow. Also, I think a better pair of alternating colors will be in order as well to really set them apart.

      This ought to be interesting on your blog!

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