Great Customer Service: Harbro Auto Sales and Service, Webster MA

Great Customer Service: Harbro Auto Sales and Service, Webster MA

A couple of weeks ago, almost to the day that my truck had its “tire nearly falls off on the Mass Pike” issue, my wifes ’05 Chevrolet Impala started to overheat.  It looked like a classic thermostat problem so I was going to do it myself, until I opened the hood and found they’d buried the inlet under half of the engine plumbing.  No worries, I thought, since I had to go to Harbro to rent a car for commuting while the truck was fixed.

My wife bought the car from Harbro, and her family has done a lot of business with them in the past.  They swear by them with a level of dedication that  is rare for a used car dealer.

I’ll make a long story short.  As is often the problem with cars, the initial diagnosis and repair on the car, a bottom outlet pipe replacement for the cooling system didn’t fix things.  Instead we found ourselves staring at a head gasket job (at 58k miles, not something you expect).

Mark Hare, Ken (the service manager in Webster) and the whole Harbro team stood by the car, and their work.  They did the second fix at a great price, quickly, and lived up to every bit of the reputation they have with our family, and friends.

These folks are a model of what auto service and sales should be.  They pride themselves on customer service, and in doing so have earned my business in the future.

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