WordPress 2.8.1 Released

WordPress 2.8.1 Released

I really used to look forward to WordPress updates, probably because there were so many things that needed to be fixed.  Now we’re at a point where it’s in very good shape, and, frankly, the interim releases are kind of boring.

Still, it’s good to see that I can finally click on automatic update, for either plugins, or the main software itself, and it actually does the update.

In other WordPress news, they have a new developers survey out for 2.9 image handling feature prioritization.  My general sense as I filled it out was that there wasn’t anything earth shattering on the list.  Again, a function of a fairly well featured system.

The only area I can think of that I think really needs further development right now is the workflow, but honestly, it’s not as though its not working for me.  Simple workflow is good enough for my needs…but I know there are others for whom that simply doesn’t work.

So tell me, what do you think WordPress needs in the future?

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