Louderback: Windows 7 – It’s Vista All Over Again

Louderback: Windows 7 – It’s Vista All Over Again

I’m a geek.  I like new software, hardware and am generally predisposed to liking new shiny tech stuff.  As such, I’ve really  been looking forward to Windows 7.

Deep down, I’ve been struggling with my inate desire to upgrade to Windows 7 on my various home machines,  and leaving them as they are.  Some are older machines, which technically should be able to run Windows 7.  Everything I’ve heard about Windows 7 is that the program is very much the experience that Vista promised and failed to deliver.  All the more reason that I’d want the upgrade.

Still, I’ve had that nagging voice in the back of my head telling me that I had yet to come across a single compelling reason to go for the upgrade.  My machines work, they rarely crash, and everything I need them to do, they do.  So when I hear my deeper fears about Windows 7 echoed from a trusted source, it’s enough to give me pause.

That’s exactly what Jim Louderback has done.  You’ll want to read the full post, but here’s a sample of why I won’t be upgrading:

If you’re buying a new system, you’re probably better with Windows 7. There are some annoying interface glitches, but overall you’ll probably be happier. But for the vast majority of Vista users – those that have upgraded to SP2, and have a relatively stable environment – you’re much better off with Vista. My advice: don’t upgrade. The path is likely to lead to frustration, pain and long nights fighting with drivers, displays and other configuration nightmares.

Jim get’s into an indepth assessment of the system as well as an recap of his results with the seven machines he upgraded (all but two were downgraded).  This is required reading for anyone thinking of going ahead with an upgrade.

For myself, I’ll wait until I find that compelling reason that forces me to upgrade, or more likely until I buy a new machine.

2 thoughts on “Louderback: Windows 7 – It’s Vista All Over Again

  1. That’s pretty much BS. Windows 7 runs SO much better than Vista did on my PC. I’ve had no driver errors except for the built in webcam which I fixed in the matter of minutes.

    1. I’m sure it does. My problem is that I have several machines, some not as up to date. Currently, Vista (or XP in one case) is working fine. I use my machines for work, they’re tools. Hence why mess with something that’s working?

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