Death of Newspapers – RIP Editor and Publisher

Death of Newspapers – RIP Editor and Publisher

When I worked in the Atex marketing department, we lived and died by what we could get published in Editor and Publisher.  The once vaunted trade journal was the place you wanted to get mentioned, the measure of your having “made it” in the print world.  Those days are now gone – from E&P themselves:

Editor & Publisher, the bible of the newspaper industry and a journalism institution that traces its origins back to 1884, is ceasing publication.

An announcement, made by parent company The Nielsen Co., was made Thursday morning as staffers were informed that E&P, in both print and online, was shutting down.

The expressions of surprise and outpouring of strong support for E&P that has followed across the Web — Editor & Publisher has even hit No. 4 as a Twitter trending topic — raises the notion that the publication might yet continue in some form.

Its sad to see an industry that was once so much a part of my life now unable to even sustain a trade journal.  In my youth, it was impossible to imagine a world without newspapers.  Increasingly, it is becoming hard to visualize a future with them…

I could ruminate for hours on the subject, but I think the point is already made.  Even the journal of the print publication industry can’t make print work and is looking for a way “continue in some form.”

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