MA Senate Campaign, Change is in the Air

MA Senate Campaign, Change is in the Air

I don’t talk publicly about politics much.  Not that I don’t have something to say, but more because I think our votes are personal things.  I respect your right to use yours however you want.

I live in Massachusetts.  That makes it easy to be apathetic about politics, as we’ve got a one party state government.  Personally, I am an an independent.

Throughout the fall, I watched as the Democrats argued over which of them would become the heir to “Senator Kennedy’s Senate Seat.”  I have to admit, that rankled me.  It’s not “the Kennedy Seat” as the NY Times called it yesterday, it’s a seat owned by the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and conveyed by us on he or she who is best able to do our bidding in DC.

After the Democratic Primary, their candidate, Martha Coakley, the State Attorney General, literally disappeared from the election.  She tried to avoid debating the Republican candidate, and she acted as though the election was a done deal so long as she kept her mouth shut and managed not to commit any capital crimes before the election.

During that period, in that vacuum, we heard from a seldom heard voice, a Republican with a heart and a message.  That message resonated with many who were troubled, like I was.

Last Monday, Coakley realized that things were rapidly coming unglued.  She tanked in the debate on Monday,  then instead of taking to the campaign trail, flew down to DC to get an infusion of cash from the DNC.  In that same period of time, her opponent was out on the campaign trail, talking to voters in Massachusetts, and managed to rake in $1.3 m in contributions via the web.

Now we’ve got attack ads sponsored by unions, by the DNC and approved by Coakley herself.  It would appear, from listening to them, that they’ve found out some shocking news: her opponent is a Republican.

I can’t speak for my neighbors, but I can tell you that I’m not impressed with Coakley.  I’m voting for Scott Brown, and if you’re one of my neighbors, I hope you will too.

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