Say What You Do For SEO Success

Say What You Do For SEO Success

Jeff Bennett had a great post yesterday about a shop that had changed their name to take advantage of the customer’s common name for them

I said it absolutely made sense and I fully agree.  Indeed from my experiences @ NameMedia this is exactly the way it is.  I learned first hand the power and impact of generic names as we built our media business.  It costs a lot of money and effort to create awareness for nondescript names and brands.  It is hard to break through the clutter.  Brand building today has to take into account a lot of things and generic and descript names have proven to rise to the top in Google.  The Shopkeeper surely gave me an astute rationale for changing the shop name.

The domain name is one of the key SEO characteristics that Google uses in the algorithmic results.  Hence if you want to perform well in a certain local, like Sutton, on a particular keyword, like Septic Cleaning, I’d consider buying that domain name and pointing it at a n optimized landing page for that town and keyword.  If I wanted to perform well in the another town, I’d do another landing page.

So even though my business name might be “Cahill Septic Cleaning” I could still get the google juice from Sutton Septic Cleaning, plus any of the surrounding towns.  Then I could also watch my analytics package and see what type of traffic I am getting from those domains, to see if they’re worth the yearly fee.

The good news is that most localized landing pages are available. Think about investing in them today!

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