Skype Issue

Skype Issue

I use Skype a lot.  Be it to communicate with developers in the Ukraine, or to talk with the relatives spread around the globe, I pretty much leave it on all the time.  I prefer it to my cell phone for calls.

So it’s funny to me to complain about the service, as in close to 7 years of use, this is about the only problem I’ve had:  they apparently don’t understand the meaning of “Block This User.”

In addition to the regular phone service, I use their chat with coworkers and friends quite a bit.   However I’ve started to have a big problem lately with the same spammers IMing me via Skype all the time.  It got so bad this weekend that I actually *gasp* had to check in with their customer support site.

From what I read, and am now seeing as a message in my Skype console, you cannot block users if your privacy allows anyone to contact you.

That doesn’t work for me.  I need to be accessible to my coworkers, etc. and it shouldn’t be up to me to plug everyone I *might* want to chat with in the Skype contact list.  Instead, when I say “Block This User” I expect just that.  Don’t ever let them contact me again.   Even better, Skype should watch for people with excessive blockings and remove them permanently.

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