The Localized SEO Project Yeilds Fruit

The Localized SEO Project Yeilds Fruit

2 weeks after go live, is now fully indexed in Google.  The site initially had Google position only for it’s own name, due to the use for frames in the old site design.  Here is a sample of some of the results:

  • residential power washing massachusetts – #1
  • commercial power washing massachusetts – #3
  • power washing weston ma – #1
  • power washing shrewsbury ma – #1

Excellent progress.  Even better news is that the site owner has the ability now to create new pages which will target other local search terms.  In other words, he has the ability to be where he needs to be.  On top of that, he’s working on fine tuning the marketing message, so we’ve got the fuel to get Google position, and the content to provide the potential customer the right message when they get to the site.  A potent combination.

The even better news is these results are all “white hat” – we’re not using any nefarious techniques to fool Google.

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