Repeat After Me…

Repeat After Me…

Okay, all you wanna be corporate social media flacks, repeat after me:

  1. Brands don’t blog…people do.
  2. A new theme doesn’t make up for lack of compelling content.
  3. Do not expect your developer/designer to make up for your lack of a content strategy.
  4. If you can’t find one person in the corporation worthy of blogging in the first person, you shouldn’t have a blog.
  5. If you  fancy yourself the market leader, then blog like it, damn it!
  6. We do not do “flavor of the month” development.
  7. I will not let my developers replace functional, working systems just because they want to.
  8. I will not open my mouth in meetings unless I have something worthwhile to say.
  9. I will speak up when I hear a really bad idea, and I will explain clearly why its a bad idea.
  10. Any idea involving bacon, cup cakes, lol cats or a bar tab bigger than the company ad budget is not worth anyone’s time.
  11. Simply parroting someone else’s good idea is not the same as having a good idea yourself.
  12. Just because you’re now working in social media doesn’t mean you invented it.  There were a lot of us here a LONG time before you were.

Okay, let’s see some worthy additions in the comments section…

4 thoughts on “Repeat After Me…

  1. You had me at content!

    SEO was destroyed by money grabbing snake oil salesmen who wanted to grab some quick cash from people who want to buy their way to the top of the results, rather than earn their way there.

    We are well on our way down the same path with social media because people always want the quick fix. My best analogy would be the diet pill.

    I applaud you on your post and the positive direction you wish to steer your audience. Giving your audience the information they want/need and concentrating on quality content is always the intelligent path when dealing with the Internet. Unfortunately most will still look for the quick fix ruining search and social media for the rest of us.

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