How Casual Friday Took Over

How Casual Friday Took Over

When I started out in business, we dressed for success.  That generally meant ties and sport coats, and often meant full suits.  Granted at that point, I was in a much different industry, construction project management, but even from the mid-90’s, when I got into tech, things have changed.

At the time I got into tech, we generally wore, at the very least, what I’d call “up scale business casual.”  Nice shoes, dress pants and button down shirts were de rigeur…

Now since Casual Friday came to town, I find the level of dress in business has declined dramatically.  Most places seem to have gone to “casual everyday.”

Perhaps it’s the nature of the business.  I work for a web only shop, and very rarely meet with anyone anymore,  but we’re definitely a jeans and polo shirt crowd.  In the summer, it’s shorts and polos, although I can’t bring myself to wear shorts to work.

Question to all of you:  has the level of dress fallen where you work over the past decade?  How do you feel about it?

Perhaps it’s time for “Dress for Success Monday”…

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