Welcome to the Future – Virtual Time Share

Welcome to the Future – Virtual Time Share

Tomorrow, many are predicting that Apple will announce iTunes is moving to the cloud.  Like everything else.

Welcome to the joys of virtual ownership.  This is the place were we never really buy anything.  We rent it.  All the bits of our lives, the things we rely on day in and day out become mere sand slipping through our fingers.

Alvin Toffler predicted in “Futureshock” that we would eventually move past the service economy.  I think we’re seeing that now.  Instead of building products and selling them, we’re finding new and interesting ways to re-market things that are already built and the rent them to each other.

In the world of music, this new development is meant to make our iPods full of music obsolete.  We’ll be paying micro-payments 0r global access fees to get access to all the music.  So in truth, we won’t really own anything;  except the rights to listen to music for a definitive period of time.  There it is, the virtual timeshare.

Call me old fashion, but I really hate renting things.  I hate paying twice.  Even worse, I hate paying in perpetuity.  The oil bill, the phone bill, the electric bill are services that really need to be monthly bills, but music?  Video?  Where does this stuff end?

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Future – Virtual Time Share

  1. Mark,

    You are also paying twice for owning music, too, because conceptually you pay for both the music and the storage (whether it is hard-drive space, a CD, cassette, vinyl, etc.) Music in the cloud relieves you of the storage cost.


  2. Good point. It just seems so wrong to me.

    I still remember the old folks who came out of the depression who kept their money (what little of it they might actually have) buried in the backyard because they trusted no bank. I trust no Internet company…

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