iPad/iPhone In App Purchases Are Today’s 900 Numbers

iPad/iPhone In App Purchases Are Today’s 900 Numbers

I got a bill today, or rather a receipt for a purchase already completed, from iTunes.  $20.93 for a variety of $.99 transactions.  Strange, as I haven’t  bought anything lately.

On further investigation, it was an App called “Pocket God” that one of the girls apparently added.  That came for $4.99 and then all of a sudden a slew of in app purchases.  It reminds me of “The Eagle” in “Angry Birds” which allows a user to get past a hard part in the game, but costs $.99 every time you use it.

My best advice here is that for anyone who has kids, or anyone else that is using their iPad, be sure to change your iTunes password, and don’t let them have it.  Apple doesn’t have any interest in limiting this chicanery, as they are taking a 30% cut on it.  It’s up to you.

Also, I strongly urge you to shun purchasing any app for the iPhone, Android or iPad that allows such crap.  Apps should not have direct access into your bank account!

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