The Physics

The Physics

In doing this project we needed to know how this was even possible, how a roller…. Waterslide is able to move. We needed to learn some new words, they may look scary but bare with me.

  1. Acceleration- Rate at which the velocity is changing. (Vector Quantity)
  2. Distance- How much ground an object has covered (Scalar Quantity)
  3.  Energy- Capacity for vigorous activity. (Scalar Quantity)
  4. Force- A push or pull. (Vector Quantity)
  5. Friction- Force that acts between materials that touch as they move past each other. (Vector Quantity)
  6. Kinetic Energy- Energy of a body to respect to the motion of the body or of the particles in the system. (Moving) (Scalar Quantity)
  7. Mass- Quantity of matter in an object. (Scalar Quantity)
  8. Potential Energy- Energy of a body or system with respect to the position of the body    or the arrangement of the particles of a system. (Stopped) (Vector Quantity)
  9. Velocity- Speed in a given direction. (Vector Quantity)

Researched Words:

  1. Momentum- Force or speed of movement. (vector Quantity)
  2. Angle- The space within 2 lines or 3 or more planes diverging from a common point or within 2 planes diverging from a common line.

Formulas (four)

1) Acceleration: ∆v/∆t

2) Momentum: mv

3) Speed: d/∆t

4) Velocity: ∆x/∆t


-m = Mass
-v = Velocity
-d = distance
-∆t = change in time
-∆v = change in velocity
-∆x = displacement

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