The Brand You is Dead. « eyecube

The Brand You is Dead. Long Live The Brand You Build. « eyecube.

Right on the money…to once again quote from Dr. Zhivago “The personal life is dead in Russia – history has killed it!”

This is the single biggest thing that I see people pushing back against when it comes to Social Media – we resent the relentless injection of uber-egos into the mix.  The New Year is here, and with it, we find a new reality; one in which we get down to business and that business will rely on us building our brands, because in the end, that’s what we’re supposed to be selling.

Over the past couple months, I’ve seen the backlash building, but this puts it into perspective.  The personal brand is dead in America…the economy killed it.

A Great Big Social Media Bubble

Over the past couple weeks we’re seeing a lot of folks coming around to the view I express last year: 

The thing that calls it all into question for me is the number of people who are generally ex-online marketing folks now using strange titles like “Social Media User Guru” or something equally ludicrous. It reminds me of a networking group I once attended that turned out to be a room full of sales people, each hoping to sell something, and none realizing there weren’t any real customers there.

As the astute Esteban Glas points out here, both Robert  Scoble and  Joel Mark Whitt decry that which Witt calls “Social Media Incest”.   As I have said many times before: when the when the communication in the medium is mostly about the medium, the medium has failed.

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