You might be from Worcester if…

Okay, here’s one to help you get in touch with your inner Worcesterite.  You might be from Worcester if:

You might be from Worcester if...

  • You know that they had to fill the Polar Soda Polar Bear with foam because Worcesterites had gone “Catniss” on him on more than one occasion.
  • You know that the Polar Soda bear is named “Orson”.
  • You know that Worcester has 7 hills like Rome, and has 9 colleges within it’s boundaries.
  • You can name the 7 hills of Worcester. (Hancock, Bancroft, Newton, Green, Chandler, Union or Sagatabscot and Mt. St. James, Pakachoag or College Hill. – although Airport Hill ought to also be on the list…)
    Via Wikipedia…

    Worcester is one of many cities claimed, like Rome, to be found on seven hills: Airport Hill, Bancroft Hill, Belmont Hill (Bell Hill), Grafton Hill, Green Hill, Pakachoag Hill and Vernon Hill. However, Worcester has more than seven hills including Indian Hill, Newton Hill, Poet’s Hill, and Wigwam Hill.

  • You can name the 9 colleges of Worcester (WPI, Clark, Worcester State, Becker, Mass College of Pharmacy, Holy Cross, Quinsig, UMASS Med School, Assumption College – Anna Marie is in Paxton, and doesn’t count – sorry…)
  • You remember shopping at the Worcester Center Galleria.
  • You don’t need the Food Network or Guy Fieri to tell you where to get the the best hot dogs in the world.
  • The mere mention of “best hot dog” elicits strong emotions in you as you know the discussion will soon turn into holy war between disciples of George’s Coney Island Hot Dog or Hot Dog Annie’s (but a shout out here to upstart tube steak artisan The Dogfather).  I will settle this here and now by reminding everyone that Annie’s is in Leicester, hence not technically in Wormtown and that The Dogfather is on wheels.
  • Back in the day, you made a run to Clinton and paid exorbitant prices for beer on a Sunday.
    You might be from Worcester if...Foley Stadium
  • If you’re from the West Side, you remember going to the Tatnuck Friendlies after a football game at Foley Stadium.
  • You know that all buses go to City Hall.  Or at least they used to…
  • You have eaten at one or all of the following after 2 am.
    • The Parkway
    • The Midhaven or The Acapulco
  • You’ve seen a movie at one of the following:
    • Showcase Cinema, Main St. (now the Hanover)
    • White City Cinema (where Bugaboo Creek Steak House was)
    • Webster Square Cinema (right next to the Mobil Station)
  • You ate at the El Morrocco and know that it was Rodney Dangerfield’s favorite restaurant in the Boston area.
  • You know that Abbie Hoffman was from Worcester.
  • You remember Ralph’s Chadwick Square when it was just the lower floor and had more than one barber’s chair.
  • You saw (or claim to have seen) The Rolling Stones at Sir Morgan’s Cove, know known as the Lucky Dog Saloon.
  • You remember The Metro, and that it started out featuring Roller Disco.
  • You remember when Lietrim’s was just s small neighborhood bar, occupying only what is now their backroom.
  • Y9ou might be from Worcester know Harvey Ball invented the smiley faceYou know that the smiley face was invented by Harvey Ball in Worcester.  (via Matt Brodeur)
  • You know that NASA space suits were made at David Clark Company in Worcester.  (via Matt Brodeur)
  • You have been to the Higgins Armory Museum and know that it has (soon to be past tense, sob) the largest collection of Medieval arms and armor outside of Europe.
  • You know that Worcester is the second largest city in New England, no matter what the folks from Providence say.  Put that in your waterfire and burn it!
  • You know that as much as the Worcester Tourism Board may call Worcester “the Heart of the Commonwealth” it’ll always be Wormtown to you.
  • You know that the real start of the American Revolution was in Worcester fully 6 months before Lexington and Concord.
  • You might be from Worcester if…you know Elm Park was the first park in the nation.

    You know that Elm Park is the oldest public park in the United States and that the current design was created by Fredrick Law Olmstead in 1890.

  • You’ve been to Bancroft Tower, and you know the reason no one is allowed inside anymore.
  • You know why there aren’t any Maple Trees in North Worcester anymore.
  • You know who to blame for there not being any maple trees in North Worcester anymore.
  • Spag’s Supply Shrewsbury, MA

    You remember Spag’s and you know it had no bags…and going there on a Saturday was fun event even if it was just to people watch.

  • You also know that Spag’s only took cash.
  • You know that Spag’s gave away tomato plant seedlings in the Spring and your family grew them more than once in the garden.
  • You know that the Worcester Lunch Car Company made all most of the diner cars you see around the country.
  • You know that no one makes seltzer like Polar Soda makes seltzer…and for extra points you’ve had their Tom Collins mixer…with vodka.
  • You know that the first oral contraceptive, aka “the pill” was developed in Worcester. (Actually, the comments say it’s from Shrewsbury, so a tip of the hat to all the commenters that got it right, as well as to the town on the long lake…)

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