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62 Replies to “You might be from Worcester if…”

  1. White City theatre was over the bridge. What about the Galleria near Bergsons and The Dream Machine. Also Lincoln Plaza theatre/ Lincoln Lanes. Double Freedom Rockets From the Woo!!

  2. You also went to the movies at “Lincoln Plaza Cinema” & ate at the Ground Round or Abdows after

    You remember the Huge Santa Claus on top of the galleries at Christmastime

    You shopped at RH Whites in Lincoln Plaza

    You remember Caldor and Zayres/Ames being across the street from each other on Lincoln St..


  3. You also know who Maurice The Pants Man is and know no one sells better Levi’s then him!

    Also remember when Kelly square didnt have stop signs and u just “went” & it always worked out!!

    You remember Iandoli’s aka” the food village” on gold star Blvd (now price rite) & having a donut in their coffee shop

  4. New York beat us on oldehttp://www.nycgovparks.org/about/history/timeline/oldest-parksst park…
    You forgot Boulevard Diner for after 2:00 .
    Before it was the Metro it was Desjardin which was the roller skating bar.
    The pill was invented on Maple Ave Shrewsbury @ the foundation
    You forgot Lincoln Plaza and Paris Cinema movie .
    You forgot The Ivy café for eggs on Sunday and a six pack to avoid going to Cinton

  5. Another Hill in Worcester is Winter Hill. Chester Street runs over it into holden. in the same area on Winter hill drive Between Parkton ave and Lansing Ave in Worc, there was a weather station called the Winter Hill Weather obs.
    My brother read in a book about Worcester history that Robert Goddard lived as a child on Chester Street in a now torn down home in the area between the pumping station on the corner of Chester St and Parkton ave and St.Peter Marian H.S.

  6. Veal Parm Sandwich w/chocolate milk at the Parkway Diner
    The nice breeze over at White City
    The stone bus stop/stone wall in front of old Worcester State Hospital
    Holy Cross football
    Sledding at Green Hill Park
    The Galleria

  7. Winter Hill in North Worc was across the street from my house as was the North Worc. weather observatory operated by Cliff Davis.

    Capitol Theater on Franklin St.
    Leow’s Poli Theatre at Federal Sq.
    The Funhouse on Maine – magic, jokes, and gags. Itching powder, fake vomit etc.
    Ice rink at Webster Sq.
    There was also a rink on Mechanic St.
    Central Pool Hall on Central

  8. It was actually called Winter Hill Observatory. Excuse me. Don’t know how I forgot that because he had a small weather house with equipment right outside his house and I spent time with him looking at maps and the instruments. I was most interested by the radiometers he had in the window of his house.

  9. Walking on Main St to The Mart without fear . Restrooms under the common behind City Hall. Post office in the building now housing Federal Court on Main Street. The stores Grants, JJ Newburys ,Woolworth ,Denholms Makay and many more .

  10. I see Maurice the Pants Man on here….where we got most of our “back to school” clothes…but i also remember getting my very first ‘camouflage’ outfit at CHARLIES SURPLUS right down the street from Maurice’s…Charlie used to make housecalls to some of his favorite customers in his highly stocked van! I also remember how excited we would get when our grandparents would get all is kids together for a picnic up at GREENHILL PARK! The giant slide! Cinderella’s magic pumpkin to play on!
    I also remember going to CAPITAL TOY!! Right across from where Foley stadium is!! First thing you saw when walking in the front door….the above ground swimming pool filled with water! I could go on, and on, and on with all this stuff! But I’ll leave room for the great memories of other people! OH!!! And I just need to get this in!! The best hotdogs??? HOT DOG ANNIE’S OF COURSE! 2 BAR-B-QUE and a CHOCOLATE MILK PLEASE!!

  11. I’m Charlie (“CHARLIE’S SURPLUS”) Epstein’s son Mark or as dad liked calling me “Pathfinder”. I live in Charleston SC now but how I still love my Worcester roots. Vernon Hill Park as a little boy, then Tatnuck and Newton Square playing every sport imaginable with my brother Bobby and our buddy Steve Hummel. May Street School – my favorite all time teacher Carol Konopka Enman, Chandler Jr High, Playing basketball for Jack “The Shot Foley” at Boys Trade with my mentor and Trade A D Don Lemenager living right next door to me driving me every day, Worcester State College playing basketball with Jim McGovern and Malcolm “Big-Dog” Person. Spending summers with Dee Rowe and Buster Sheary at Worcester Academy Camp with my boy Joel Greenberg. All the while having Water St as my roots. – Yes, I remember the trolley tracks and the cobble stones . So proud of what dad accomplished with Charlie’s Surplus. How I loved spending my summer nights at Crompton Park for great basketball. The 100’s of Red Sox and Celtics games I went to because of my dad’s hard work and generosity buying season tickets. Yup, still got my $2.00 ticket stub from game 2 – ’67 World Series vs The Cards. All the people I met, like Boston Marathon Champions, Johnny Kelly, Bill Rodgers and Geoff Smith and befriended thru organizing CHARLIES 10 MILE ROAD RACE. Driving around in the Central Mass countryside with dad helping him carry his boxes into the homes of his “farmer friends”. Words can’t explain how proud I am to have grown up in “W-Town”!! And, I almost forgot my adopted Uncle, “BUTCH R” that’s what I’ve called Arnie Ravelson the owner of MAURICE THE PANTS MAN on Millbury St my whole life, who along with PAUL X TIVNAN and TOMMY HADDAD- from TOMS MEAT MART were my dad’s (Charlie Epstein) three best friends. The most important lesson I learned from dad was, America is the greatest country, work hard and everyone can live the AMERICAN DREAM. To quote my dad CHARLIE EPSTEIN- “GOD BLESS AMERICA”

  12. Anderson Little, Ware Pratt and Benoits….Filene’s, Grants and Kresge’s…stores open only on Wednesday night till 9:00…the Warner Theatre…all the branch libraries…Fitton Field…Basketball at the Auditorium…Crompton park basketball on Sunday nights with Nissen’s filling the air with fresh baked bread…Kemp’s, Howdy’s, Big Boy’s…1963 my first McDonald’s hamburg on Main Street (10 cents)…Metro Bowl, Auburn Ten Pin, T-Bird (46 lanes), Colonial, Town and Country, Mt Carmel bowling (8 lanes)… the 1960’s —the best of Worcester…

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