All good science stands on the backs of it’s fore-bearers, and this project is no different.

1. The joke comes from

2. Use of the The Name and Likeness of Superman.  From Wikipedia (yes, I know, not a great source), but it is my contention that for the purposes of this high school Physics project, Superman and his likeness are fair use.  Hence requirements for licensing do not apply.  From Wikipedia, citing exactly this case for the use of an image of Superman:

This image, Superman.jpg, is being linked here; though the picture is subject to copyright I (HidingTalk) feel it is covered by the U.S. fair use laws because:

  1. No free alternative can exist given the likeness of the character Superman is a trademark and thus protected;
  2. It is a low resolution copy of a comic book cover;
  3. The image was released to the media to promote the issue in question, issue 204 of Superman;
  4. It does not limit the copyright owner’s rights to sell the comic book in any way;
  5. Copies could not be used to make illegal copies of the comic book cover art on another comic book;
  6. The image is significant; it was created by a notable comic book artist, Jim Lee. It is the cover to the top selling comic book of 2004[1] ; it is the first issue of a lauded[2]  run on the book by a notable writer, Brian Azzarello and artist, Jim Lee; and it identifies the character depicted, Superman in an iconic manner, with the copyright owner using the image for posters[3]  and promotional work.


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