2008 Sutton Chain of Lights Photo Gallery

sutton-chain-of-lights-092Here, finally, are the photos from The Chain of Lights in Sutton, Ma last weekend.  They were taken with my Canon A530 5 megapixels, point and shoot.  Some of the photos I took, others were taken my my 9 year old Mackenzie who you can see in many of the shots.

I will be going back in tonight to add captions and descriptions to the photos.  These are scaled down, if you want a hi res version, post a comment or get in touch via the email link.   Also, be sure to read my other posts about this experiment in new journalism .  There is a twitter stream here with a few more photos that came off my Iphone which I posted during the event.

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New Journalism in Action – Using Twitter as a Photoblog with the Iphone

The idea: to run a live Tweet stream from the varied events of the Sutton, Ma Chain of Lights, a celebration that happens at many different locations thoughout the town and its villages.  I used my Iphone with the Twitterlator Application that lets me post pictures direct to Twitter with pictures that I take on my phone uploaded right at that moment.  The tweets all contain the hashtag #suttoncol – short for Sutton Chain of Lights which make them searchable via the Twitter search function, formerly known as Summize.  You can check out the full tweet stream here.

Additionally we (my 9 year old daughter Mackenzie helped me with this) took photos at the events we attended with my Canon Power Shot A530 5 megapixel point and shoot camera.

Why Would You Bother: Sutton, like many small communities, doesn’t get a lot of coverage in the local paper, The Worcester Telegram, and substantially less from the television stations.  Even if they did send someone out to cover the events, they’d have gone to a single location, took a quick couple pictures, or did a quick standup talking to some happy kids, then they’d have been off to their next assignment.  Local events are naturals for crowd sourcing, and what better way to do it than live tweeting with a hashtag, posting a photo gallery, etc.

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