WordPress 2.6.3 Released, and Issues with Auto Upgrade

The folks at Automattic today released WordPress 2.6.3 which is a minor security patch to the Snoopy script they use for displaying rss feeds in the admin area.  Not an utterly crucial upgrade, but one you might want to take just to be sure your secure.  The upgrade took me 5 minutes using the auto upgrade plugin.

One issue that I noticed while using the auto upgrade plugin, which was also upgraded, was that the script failed repeatedly on the database backup step.  I was forced to skip that step (I used the database backup plugin to grab one).  If you find you have the same issue, you may want to skip that step as well.  Just be sure to get a db backup (and you should be getting those weekly!).

Now’s probably a good time to mention that we’ve got another major WordPress Upgrade on the way, 2.7, which should be here in November.  Again, there will be major changes in the Admin area as they clean it up even more and make it more useful for us.  For an overview of the new Admin UI, have a look here.

So what’s the 2.7 upgrade mean to you?  Basically it’s going to provide a more logically oriented admin area, and one in which we’ll better be able to build upon into the future.  As I’ve said before, WordPress is not longer just blog software, it has become a full fledged open source content management package, and this is yet another move in that direction.

On another front, Automattic will also be releasing the 1.0 level version of BBPress, their forum package which provides tight integration with WordPress. I’m particularly interested in this package, as I work with BBPress on almost a daily basis, but honestly, the feature list doesn’t even approach that of vBulletin or even Simple Machines.  Still, I’m hopeful for a vast improvement over the 0.9 code stream.

David Churbuck on WordPress Auto Update – the Killer Feature

I installed the autoupdate plugin on David Churbuck’s blog yesterday and this morning he used it to update the software in a couple minutes.  This is truly delivering on the promise of the blog, a simple content management system which non-technical users can manage themselves.

From his post:

About one minute, a simple, straightforward set of questions, and ta-da, I am up to date with the latest verison. Gratitude aside, this auto update is a big step towards making WordPress the defacto opensource content management system for the world, taking out the technical/sysadmin barrier to entry that makes self-hosting so challenging for people like myself, who don’t have the time or cause to get good at the essentials of open source LAMP based hosting.

I love WordPress.

It’s an absolutely awesome plugin and I recommend everyone use it if you’re running as a solo blogger (on group blogs, auto-update is problematic).

WordPress has released a feature list for it’s 2.7 release (November) and one of them has me very excited:  Threaded Comments!  I really think this is going to be a huge boon to heavily commented blogs and is one of those features we’ve sorely missed for years.