David Churbuck on WordPress Auto Update – the Killer Feature

David Churbuck on WordPress Auto Update – the Killer Feature

I installed the autoupdate plugin on David Churbuck’s blog yesterday and this morning he used it to update the software in a couple minutes.  This is truly delivering on the promise of the blog, a simple content management system which non-technical users can manage themselves.

From his post:

About one minute, a simple, straightforward set of questions, and ta-da, I am up to date with the latest verison. Gratitude aside, this auto update is a big step towards making WordPress the defacto opensource content management system for the world, taking out the technical/sysadmin barrier to entry that makes self-hosting so challenging for people like myself, who don’t have the time or cause to get good at the essentials of open source LAMP based hosting.

I love WordPress.

It’s an absolutely awesome plugin and I recommend everyone use it if you’re running as a solo blogger (on group blogs, auto-update is problematic).

WordPress has released a feature list for it’s 2.7 release (November) and one of them has me very excited:  Threaded Comments!  I really think this is going to be a huge boon to heavily commented blogs and is one of those features we’ve sorely missed for years.

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