IHT Articles – Text to Speech Podcast

IHT Articles – Text to Speech Podcast

Steve Rubel had another great post on Micro Persuasion about the Internation Herald Tribune offering customized text to speech podcasts – a logical extension to my mind of their “clippings” service.  Steve’s observation, which I completely agree with:

The International Herald Tribune recently launched a feature I wish every newspaper would offer. They enable readers to create a custom text-to-speech podcast with the stories of their choosing. NXP semiconductors has signed on as the initial sponsor of the service, which is powered by Readspeaker.
I’ll add that I’m surprised that other newspapers haven’t adopted some of the other excellent features that are in use at IHT – including their clippings, the customer definable columnar layout, etc.  I do recall they were probably the first to offer resizeable font size, which is a feature that’s definitely taken off at other online news sites.  Considering that NYT owns IHT, it’s even more amazing many of these great features haven’t been put to use throughout their 19 newspapers.

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