Why Blogging Matters – Must Read

Why Blogging Matters – Must Read

Eric Kintz from HP has started a group post for online marketers called “Open Post to All Marketers – Why Blogging Matters” which has been picked up by David Churbuck here, Peter Blackshaw here,  Dan Greenfield here, David Armano here, and Will Waugh here.

Why should we read? HP, Lenovo, Nielsen, Earthlink, Digitas and ANA – a worth collection of companies, and a talented group of new marketers.  Here’s the topic list that’s been covered:

#1 – PR and Blogging – A Love Story or Peaceful Coexistence
#2 – Blogging and the “new influencers”
#3 – The role of blogging in the changing world of advertising
#4 – The role of blogging as part of an integrated web strategy
#5 – Drive Harmony in Conversational Touchpoints
#6 – Creativity, Innovation + Blogging

I’ll add my own topic: Niche Traffic

My day job is with a tech company that is a leader in succinct niche.  We don’t need everyone on the web to visit our site, but we want everyone in a particular market segment.  We’re the industry thought leaders and we must play the role.  Hence we will be launching a blog very shortly.

Why would we bother?  Our brand has a tremendous legacy, which stretches back to the dawn of computers.  It’s a great name, to be sure, and because of it, we will get a certain percentage of opportunities that will open in the market.  The problem is, that very history of early innovation (we can make a good case for having invented both email and IM, as well as any number of undisputed technological innovations).  The problem is, that some industry perception is of our brand as tied to the old innovations.  We’ve moved on, but our brand, as defined by our customers, has not.

Blogging is one way in which we can change this.  There aren’t many bloggers in our space and those that are there tend towards covering specific aspects of the niche which we do not.  There’s a need, a desire and a place for our voice.  As we speak with our customers, our brand, as defined by them, will change.

What a blog brings to the niche marketer is targetted traffic, the kind we all would kill for.  It does all the other things that David, Will, Peter, Eric, etal. have mentioned, but to the smaller market, those don’t matter if you haven’t brought your customer to your site.

As has become my mantra of late, provide new and compelling content on a regular basis that gives them a reason to return to your site, and a reason to send other users your way. 


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