Skype – End of Free US Calls, $14.95 for a Year

Skype – End of Free US Calls, $14.95 for a Year

If you’re a frequent reader, you probably have figured out that I like Skype.  I’ve never been a big fan of the telcos and I’ve found the quality of the overseas calls to be much better than the wire lines.

For the last half of ’06 Skype was offering free phone calls anywhere in the US via your computer.  That came to an end on Dec. 31.  Today I have an email, they will give me unlimited calls within the US for $14.95.  How could I possibly go wrong? 

We’ve developed a mantra in the office – skype first.  Skype to skype calls are free.  Hence the savings for a global corporation are significant.  Now I will be suggesting that we simply pay the $14.95 for every employee for the year.  Why not?  Take a look and give it a try – you can literally slash you phone budget, which is a great thing.

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