The Blog and Original Thought

The Blog and Original Thought

A few years ago I took a screen writing course and the lecturer made an excellent point regarding the controversy surrounding movies which are credited as “A Joe Blog Work”  – in which case Joe Blow is generally the executive producer, and in all probability had no hand in the original creativity that went into the work.  Think about it, the only original creativity in a movie is the screen play (if that itself isn’t derivative of some other work…).  In truth the directing, acting, even the sound track are derivitive works, not true orginal creativity.

So it occurred to me the other day that for the most part blogs tend to be derivitive works.  We link to one another, commenting on something that has been said or done by someone else, adding our bit of wisdom to the corpus conscientia.  A noble quest, but at the same time, where is the original creativity? 

For the most part, we are indeed adding to the general knowlege. Of course there are those that simply use links to generate traffic…but web veterans see those sites for what they are.

So I had a look closely at the blogs I read and realized there’s one among us that avoids the low hanging fruit and offers new content, with a minimum of derivation – offering virtually all original content.  None other than Maureen Rogers (also of – one of my frequent links) on her PinkSlip blog.  Give her a read and enjoy – I do, and think about what you can do to increase the original thought level of BlogVegas.

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