“Keeping Your Web Strategy On Track”

“Keeping Your Web Strategy On Track”

My first article for ExpertsBusinessSource.com is up – on “Keeping Your Web Strategy On Track” – it’s got some good tips for anyone managing a web strategy or project.

Regardless of whether you have a CIO, a Web manager or you wear the IT hat yourself, there is one immutable rule about technology projects: At some point, they’re bound to veer off track. Specifically for small and medium-sized businesses that are building (or expanding) their presence on the Internet, it’s easy to venture down a path that quickly becomes littered with overly complex technologies, conflicting agendas and unclear objectives.

5 thoughts on ““Keeping Your Web Strategy On Track”

  1. Mark – Good article. How many web sites have we seen where the “design” (and all kinds of high concept art and flash) gets in the way of communicating what the real pupose of the site is intended to be.

  2. Right on! I can’t believe how often I see people designing for design’s sake, as though it had no crucial role in the overall project. I’ve said it before, I say it again: your website is one of your primary points of customer contact, it must create the proper image of professionalism and get your message across – and it must do it in the first few seconds of the visit!

    Thanks Maureen!

  3. As an artist, I tend to get excited when I see some really great design ideas on websites. Who doesn’t love something new and different?!?! But if they convolute the purpose of the site, then it doesn’t serve the purpose. I’m a firm believer in the “less is more” strategy. If the potential customer visits your site and gets lost, that’s not a good thing. And chances are, they’re not going to revisit anytime soon.

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