OpinionatedMarketers.com: Pimped Out John

OpinionatedMarketers.com: Pimped Out John

Pimped Out John: Roto-Rooter’s Fresh Idea

Maureen Rogers’ has a great post over at OpinionatedMarketers.com about Roto-Rooter’s new marketing campaign based off the “Pimp My Ride” reality theme. 

the Pimped Out John contest has it’s grand prize, a fitted out toilet that electronic junkies in particular will flip their lid for.

Among the fixtures:

  • Xbox
  • DVD player
  • Laptop computer (“with fully articulated robot arm”)
  • iPod (with stereo docking station equipped with toilet paper dispenser)
  • Tivo recorder
  • Bike pedal exerciser

For toilet traditionalists, there’s a magazine rack (plus subscriptions to Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and GQ – the latter of which seems like quite a peculiar choice).

Apparently it also comes with an emergency button that calls Roto-Rooter.  But therein is the rub…

Vario Creative thinks low flow toilets suckYou see, I am utterly sick of low flow toilets that don’t work.  I don’t want my ipod to play me nice tunes while I plunge the crapper after every single use.  I want the #$%ed thing to work, first time and every time. 

The low flow toilet was designed to save water, and it’s frankly an abject failure.  Some work, most don’t.  They’re supposed to use something like 50% of the water of one of the old style, but the problem is they often take 4 flushes to do their job.  Hence they’ve used 50% *more* water.  A @$%@ing design nightmare.

For the record, none of that is Roto-Rooter’s problem.  And yes, I have already plunged the darned thing this am, before reading or writing about this little campaign. 

You can join the Roto-Rooter sweepstakes here.  Although when I tried, the form failed and I got a 500 error when I submit my entry…

3 thoughts on “OpinionatedMarketers.com: Pimped Out John

  1. I was talked into purchasing one of these beauties several years ago. Figured it would conserve water… and instead, like you, I have to flush it about 47 times so the fly that I just smashed will successfully go to it’s watery grave. Definitely a flaw in the design!

    And you can imagine when our beta fish died… utter horror show for the nieces to watch. “Keep flushing Macy! Mr. Bluefish will go down sooner or later!”

  2. The people I know with old fashioned toilets hold on to them for dear life. The only low flow ones that seem to work are the jet propelled ones. I don’t know technically what they are or what they’re called, but my sister has one and it seems to do the trick and whoooosh things away with one flush. A miracle!

    And thanks for saving me from trying to sign up for the sweepstakes. Hard to believe the Roto-Rooter will let their campaign go down the toilet through a bad online form….

  3. more fiber my man, more fiber. you might consider adding non pressue treated lumber to your blender in the nmornings when you make your nutritious and yummy crispy bacon/banana/fresh bass smothee.

    regularly yours,

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