Things that Amaze Me – Opinionated Marketers

Things that Amaze Me – Opinionated Marketers

Another great post from John Whiteside…”Things that Amaze Me” – a quick list of all too common mistakes on the web. 

  • I often go to the web site of a retail store, and the store locator is hard to find.
  • I often go to restaurant web sites and can’t find the hours of operation anywhere on the site.
  • I do Google searches for restaurants, and can’t find the restaurant’s web site because all the top search results are dining guides, magazines, etc.
  • The list is astounding.  I’ve seen a couple of good ones lately as well.

    • Museum website with all the text done in images, so that Google couldn’t read it.  They don’t come up in a Google search looking for their town and the word museum.
    • A school website using frames, with javascript navigation.  None of the pages pop up in Google.
    • No contact us form, no email address, no phone number anywhere on the site.  In this case, a professionally designed site, but it is utterly worthless if there is no way for me to contact you, short of sending a letter or driving to your shop.  Hint: I will be going to your competitor.

    I urge those of you who haven’t done it to take a few minutes and do a critique of your website, as I discuss in this article on

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    1. On the ‘Net, this translates to one simple fact. That retailer, museum or restaurant, in most cases, just lost my business because I can find something else online.

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