My How Times Change

My How Times Change

I have a sore knee and I am really darned crankySo I was sitting around with my buddies JB Menides and Mike Branche, both good friends from high school, and JB mentioned he’d picked up a balm for sore muscles earlier in the day for his dad.  Mike commented that his knee was aching quite a bit.  I then recounted the story of my torn ligament and meniscus, and that some linament my wife provided the other day had seemed to make a big difference – no more of those sharp pains.

Badger BalmI had to start laughing.  They looked at me and I explained “20 years ago, we’d have been passing around something entirely different.  Now we’re passing around the darned Badger Balm.  Hey man, I got some good stuff…”

For the record the stuff that appears to be helping my knee is Joint Formula 88 which she got from QVC.  I can’t be postive that’s what’s helped the pain, but I used it and the next day it felt much better.

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