Vario Customer in the News – R & R Rubbish

Vario Customer in the News – R & R Rubbish

R & R Rubbish of Worcester offers top quality Rubbish Removal, Seamless Gutters and Remodeling servicesCongratulations to Roger Wykes of R & R Rubbish, both on his up coming marriage, and on the great interview published in the Worcester Telegram on Monday.  He and his brother Robert have been providing rubbish removal, remodeling, gutter and siding work in the Worcester area (and beyond) for many years, and it’s tremendous to see them recognized.

There’s a few points that the contractors (and any small business) among us can take from Roger.  Many are the same points I make over and over again. 

  • They stress professionalism – when they tell someone they will be on the job at a particular time, they will be there.
  • Branding – All the company vehicles are painted and act as excellent marketing vehicles (pun intended).  It’s a great source of new business for him.
  • Keeping what works – they will always ask how you heard about them.  Roger keeps the particular marketing tactics that are working for him, and isn’t afraid to try new means.  For his business, the traditional items are the starting point, prominent Yellow Pages positioning, Classified Ads in the local paper, plus his website, which comes up #3 in Google for Rubbish Removal Worcester, MA.  They review what is working for them, and adapt their marketing, always improving.
  • Word of Mouth – the best advertising is from satisfied customers, and they realize this.  As Roger notes in the article, you can’t satisfy everyone, especially when they’ve been burned by other contractors before. What he doesn’t note is that when you do it right, your customers become your best salesmen.  I know, Roger does work on a fairly regular basis for my Mother, both of my brothers, and I’ve recommended him for countless jobs, and never has anyone had anything but thanks for the referral.

The take away here is that the small marketing can be done effectively, and you don’t have to break the bank.  Take a note from Roger’s success and put these basics to work for you!

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