RSS in Windows Vista – Firefox Need Not Apply

RSS in Windows Vista – Firefox Need Not Apply

I’ve been using Windows Vista on the family machine for several months, and I’ve been surprised at my inability to get the RSS feeds working as a gadget in the sidebar.  It’s been a nagging problem and I’ve had a bear of a time finding the cause.  I finally caught the answer on CNet this morning:

 We downloaded and installed Firefox 2, made Firefox our default browser, and quickly set up a few RSS feed subscriptions. Guess what? The Windows Vista Gadget was unresponsive to our efforts, displaying only the default MSN feeds from Microsoft. Microsoft says the default RSS Gadget feeds off a common store of RSS feeds within Windows Vista, and firefox hasn’t yet adopted the API for that store. You have to use Internet Explorer 7 or choose a Firefox-friendly Gadget instead.

Somethings never change.  In order to get OS level stuff to work, I have to use IE 7 as my default browser.  Was this not the crux of a major lawsuit several years ago

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