WordPress Tricks

WordPress Tricks

Having setup over 30 WordPress Blogs in the past couple years, I thought I pretty much knew it all.  Then a couple months ago I found one of those “undocumented features.” Basically, if you write a post, then change the Post Time Stamp to a date or time in the future, that post won’t appear until that time.  You’ve just scheduled your post to appear.

I’ve used this to stockpile a few posts in advance so they appear throughout the week, even though I may have written them all on the weekend.  Such is normally the case for our Friday Music Video.  The post appears right on time, and I can continue about my normal Friday morning mayhem (I write the Boston FishWire report for Reel-Time.com and edit the homepage.

So I did a little search today looking for other WordPress Tricks, and here they are:

Update: There is a critical update released from WordPress today.  The best advice is to update quickly…

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