R&R Rubbish & Remodeling Live

R&R Rubbish & Remodeling Live

R&R Rubbish and Remodeling provides rubbish removal, seamless gutters, vinyl siding, power washing and remodeling in the Worcester Massachusetts area.RRRubbish.com, the top quality rubbish removal and remodeling contractor in Central Massachusetts has gone live with a new website design by Vario Creative.  The phase one of this job included a new tableless css design, local search optimization and Google Analytics integration.

Vario Blog readers will note some of the features of the site as items I’ve been touting for sometime as must haves for small business websites.  First off, the project gallery (customer editable, of course)  is rotating images and brief project descriptions on the homepage.  The individual pages, such as their Seamless Gutter in Worcester, Ma page, show categorized project images from that particular category.  We’re also doing the same for testimonials.  There is also a badge for his monthly special deal prominently displayed on the left side navigation.

Other important points include a clean, professional design, that fits with their general branding, which owner Roger Wykes has carried throughout his business.  You can see in the picture above that he’s got all his trucks and trailers painted with his logo (and site url), his business cards maintain the branding, and his employees are wearing shirts and hats with the logo (the picture above was taken at the end of the day.  Robert Wykes on the left is still in uniform after an all day rubbish removal project, but Paul Branche, center, has changed, as has Roger on the right…).

The site has been accessible on the net since last Tuesday.  In that time, it has gone from extremely limited visibility in Google, to #1 position for “Seamless Gutters Central Massachusetts” and #1 for “Remodeling Central Massachusetts“.  For virtually all of the keywords we were after, we achieved a listing in the top 4.  Even better, and somewhat unexpectedly, for each of the towns in which R&R generally does business, they are within the top 4, and generally have gained #1 ranking.  When you look at Seamless Gutters Worcester, MA, you’ll see that local search is invoked, and indeed, they come out #1 again.

We used to wait for months to see impact in Google.  Achieving success like that in a matter of a week is truly astounding (and I’d never promise to be able to acheive it). 

Next steps, we’ll be fine tuning for search, then starting to work with Google Adwords pay per click advertisements to cement our search positions.  This is a highly effective technique that will often dramatically increase the performance of both your organic and your paid search.

Vario readers may remember the article the Worcester Telegram ran in March about Roger and R&R

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