The Next Scourge of the Blogs

The Next Scourge of the Blogs

I really don’t like it when someone tries to take over my computer.  Its downright impolite.

And that’s exactly what’s happening with the new take on the Splog that I’ve started seeing in the past week. Here’s what’s happening.

An unscrupulous blog owner posts some content and then pings Technorati and Google. The blog gets indexed by both search providers, then the blog owner redirects the link to an alternate page, which throws up a popup with the age old “NOTICE: If your computer has errors in the registry…”  as an alert.  Since it’s a javascript alert message, you can’t ignore it, but you also can’t answer anything but yes, as both buttons offer the same behavior, which takes you to the SystemDoctor website, and then appears to scan your registry, while it attempts to install an ActiveX control that is actually Malware.  Luckily, my machine won’t allow them to install their activeX control, but I’m betting they’re getting into many machines across the net.

Here’s a clue: if you’re advertising strategy relies on tricking customers into going to your site, you’ve got a problem.

But onf further examination, it’s even more insidious – it’s the next generation of the Splog.  Here’s what’s happening – these redirected blogs are actually using affiliate programs to earn cash.  So they’re getting dollars for every customer duped. 

Both Technorati and Google need to get aggressive to weed these clowns out.  Give us a “report splog” button in our search results!  And it’s well beyond the time when Google needs to add a “report abuse” button to their Adsense ads.

If you’ve had System Doctor installed, Adaware or SpyBot Seach and Destroy should remove it without a problem.

The domain SystemDoctor (dot) com is owned by:

 PO Box 143, Y Felinheli
 Wales, NA LL56 4WQ

Bigger weasels will be tough to find.

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