2 Year Anniversary

2 Year Anniversary

It’s been 2 years since my boat mishap in Buzzards Bay.  Lots of changes, and and lots to look forward to.  As with every year, I caught Jacob Kasper, my companion that day, on IM and we caught up on the events of the past year.  He’s gotten married, and is his wife is expecting a child – big congratulations to them!

I’ve set a goal for myself of getting another (note that I do not say new) boat.  I’ll be looking for a 21′ Starcraft Mariner, an aluminum boat with a high freeboard and deep splash well (which would have solved the problem 2 years ago…).

As always, big thanks to the Coast Guard, to Jacob for being the absolute best guy to be with in a tight situation, and for all the little things that turned out right when things had gone so very wrong.

I cherish every day and thank God I’m not still swimming…

3 thoughts on “2 Year Anniversary

  1. Mark, I never knew about your boating mishap. Glad you are okay but still take the time to remember it. That means you learned from your experience. Best of luck with getting a replacement boat. 🙂

    Thanks for participating in this mornings meme.

  2. I’m actually going out tuna fishing on Friday. Gerhard sent this note after reading the post, and I had to share it…

    It’s not on the anniversary day, but if you would like to celebrate it on Friday I’m sure we can come up with something. Bring a life jacket.

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