Google Pays for Local Search Info

Google Pays for Local Search Info

How do you get information about local businesses if you’re mega-search-asaurus? Pay people to go around and collect the information for you!

Google has put a bounty on local search results. They are asking people to go to local businesses, find out when their open, what payment options they take, and perhaps click a couple digital photos, then tell them a little about Adwords, Google Maps, etc.

It seems like a great way for someone to earn a little extra pocket cash…


As part of the Business Referral Representative program, Google is offering individuals up to $10 to visit local businesses and tell them about Google Maps and Google AdWords, collect information (such as hours of operation and types of payment accepted), and take digital photos of the business.

The business information and photos will appear on Google Maps. No doubt this effort is part of Google’s assault on the local search market.

“In keeping with our mission to organize the world’s information, we’re always looking for new ways to make that information more universally accessible and useful,” explained Google.

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