Science Proves It – The Shaken Martini

Science Proves It – The Shaken Martini has an interesting bit on it’s Ask Dr. Knowledge section today, asking whether there is a big difference between the shaken and the stirred martini.  The answer is surprising: yes!

Apparently researchers at University of Western Ontario in Canada have shown that the shaken martini (my preferred method…tip of the hat to JB…) helps to increase it’s antioxidant properties.

They studied the martinis’ ability to deactivate hydrogen peroxide — the stuff that’s used to bleach hair and teeth, or to disinfect cuts and scrapes.

While the detailed chemistry is not fully understood, shaken martinis are much more effective than either gin or vermouth alone at deactivating hydrogen peroxide, and about twice as effective when shaken as opposed to being stirred.

Now if we could just come up with a diet mojito…

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