Wednesday Music Video – Dropkick Murphys – State of Massachusetts

In honor of their release of the new album “Meanest Times” here are the darlings of Boston – Celtic punkers (but they’re from Southie) The Dropkick Murphys performing “State of Massachusetts” live.  Over the past couple years, since they were used in the soundtrack for the movie “The Departed”, they’ve really taken off, but hardcore fans have complained they’d left them behind.  This album, the band has stated, is a return to their roots.

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Somewhere along the line, punk has become mainstream, and The Dropkick Murphy’s have become media darlings.  Expect to see these guys turning up in more and more unlikely spots, in a phenomena I can only liken to that which happened years ago when Green Day brought punk to the backseats of the BMW set.  These guys deserve it…

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